Persona Nova

International Consultants in Education, Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Principles & resources

Persona Nova´s overriding objectives are, in all its interventions and actions, the reduction of poverty on the individual, organisational, community or society level and raising the standards of living of the poor. We believe in and strive for:

  • social and economic equality

  • economic growth

  • democratic development

  • equality between men and women

sustainable use and protection of natural resources and environment respect for human rights and with special attention to children and vulnerable groups

Persona Nova’s best resources are the people we work with and in the countries and places of implementation and its consultants. The participatory approach is applied everywhere it is possible.This means that the beneficiaries themselves and the local community plan and implement the projects and when needed they are assisted by the Persona Nova’s local, regional or international consultants. Persona Nova’s consultants are cultural sensitive and always consider local answers to problems. With this participatory approach and considering sustainable and long-lasting solutions to problems, Persona Nova believes the best foundation is laid to reach the project goals.

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